iNumKey for Excel - Numeric Keypad For Excel

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=, (, ) for Editing Cells in Excel Spreadsheets.

Do you have a notebook computer or compact keyboard?

You need a NUMERIC keypad!!

iNumKey will turn iPhone(iPod touch) into Wi-Fi numeric keypad for you.

AZERTY Keyboard layout supported.

Windows XP/Vista
QWERTY Keyboard layout

iNumKey required server application.

[ AppStore Link ]

How To Set Up

If you're behind a software
firewall you need to make sure that the firewall allows iNumKey connect to server.

1. Free download server application(iNumKeyserver)

Server application required .NET v3.5 Framworks of Microsoft.
If you have not installed .NET v3.5 Framwork. please install it before you continue.
Download server application and unzip the downloaded file to any folder on your PC.
Server application( .NET included)

2. Set up a connection

  • Simply enter the IP address of your PC with the port number that you specified into each field on your iPhone(iPod touch).
  • Press check button to start server.
  • Press Connect to PC button on your iPhone(iPod touch).
You specified the port number must be unique on your PC; make sure no other application is attempting to use the same port number.
More detailed information